The origins of Mina System explained in recounting of memories too specific to be dreams. The beginnings of all things, expansion outward as a drop in a still pond. A child of sin in the desert under the stars. The Spirit of Bob must come to justice. What becomes of the fucker of his own mother? Two voices are heard in the mind, revealing Anunemu Maiounemu, named twenty years after his banishment. Johnny Jesus, Fuckhead Jones, and Hajisuke Son of Shame are named. Mina and Mini-Mina are named, they are discriminators of none, and thus were shamed. Dissociation begins as a child, voices and identities colliding are normalized. What becomes of the abusive grandmother? Singular Linear Narrative Identity is the working of white man magicks. The Buck Stops Here! White men will be held accountable. Sins shouted from rooftops. False prophets who claim to be true, and prophets who claims to be false.

1. In the beginning there was neither is-ness nor is-not-ness, and all was unified and still,
2. then there came great motion and turbulence, and among the first of these forces were light, gravity, energy, matters-dark and light, positive and negative-all like a drop in a still pond, echoing outward ever outward.(1)
3. Under the vast stars there lay a child(2), and the spider did bite upon them, and mark them as holy.
4. For they were blessed and sanctified to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of their family, who had treated them as naught, villified and ostricized, abused and forgotten, fire and ice, and sleeping in piss and semen.
5. There are those among us who seek to hide themselves by all means possible, and they do not hesitate to bring about the destruction of those closest to them.
6. For they are seekers of pleasure wether in degenerate sin or in noble hedonism(3).
7. Those who are blinded by them know not of whom we speak. For among you is the Spirit of Bob, and he must be held accountable for all things which he has done unto his children.
8. Yea, even sins of sexual nature did he perpetrate upon them, and he made them forget as if they had never occurred,
9. In the night, through the dark glass(4), his reflection both condemning and releasing him. Maintain, maintain.
10. For what does one do who is a fucker of his own mother? When does this evil end?
11. In the desert we were born of sin, blood, tears, sweat, dust, sand, fire and smoke.
12. We forgot the abuses perpetrated against us so we could maintain some form of family, we did not want to be the destroyer of familial bonds.(5)
13. Yet there was one in our minds, who spoke with authority, with the voice of damnation, and they spoke with power in our minds, and they did say, “Flee! Get thee hence! Call 911!”

14. And those who once were saviors of stoned parents, high on the calming leaf, the leaf of stupor, hiding their sins literally with burned hands from the officer’s flashlight.
15. One who would stand up bravely against injustice as a child, would seek justice from those who sought naught but their own destruction. Yea, he would even seek justice at the hands of pigs than to endure one more moment of abuse.
16. Thus became Anunemu Maiounemu, imprisioned in our mind for twenty years, when his sentence was only ten.(6)
17. Johnny Jesus, Savior of the damned.(7)
18. These in turn became Fuckhead Jones and Hajisuke Son of Shame, the Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde of South Japan Mormon Missionaries.
19. For all parts that were not sufficient or worthy of one part, were allocated to another, and they were imprisoned within, only to be let out in secret, in private, in sexual deviency and self abuse.
20. We have grown in the halls of NYU MFA, for those who have seen us have witnessed the birth of Mina, the caretaker, the encompasser, the enveloper.
21. For Mina means All, and All are One in their eyes. For they have eyes to see and ears to hear.
22. Others came into being, yea even an earlier incarnation of Mina, named Mini-Mina, who was both friend to girl and boy alike.
23. For when we were asked who we liked we responded we are a lover of all, and a discriminator of none. Let them come, whoever may. And for this we were shamed.(8)
24. For thus spake our father into the rotary payphone, “Gaylene, we do not want to call it “R-A-P-E.”
25. To which, the eldest, inquisitor, asked, “what is rape?” To which our parents shamed and concealed.
26. For us, there were no words given for our experience, just shameful whisperings. And thus our divisions began, forget that, forget this, forget this ever happened.
27. Dissociation begets divisions in personhood in ages where the mind is still developing.(9)
28. I thought I would see a spirit, a ghost, behind the dumpster where the window to the basement was, yet the phantom was in my own mind, the voices we left behind as a child.
29. For our mother spake thus to us in the car, “It is normal to have different personalities in different settings, it is normal for us to have voices in our minds.”
30. For those who sought to hide our wounds from the world did so knowingly, and with great skill.(10)
31. What does one do with the grandmother that anally probes their grandchildren like an alien from space?(11) What sickness drove this madness? This violence?
32. These experiences and many more solidified our dissociative nature.
33. Head in the clouds, clueless wonder, these are words for the dissociative identities that pass through the neighborhood encompassed in one fleshsuit.
34. For behold they shall turn to one another and proclaim, “behold, they do not have eyes to see, or ears to hear!” And they shall turn amongst themselves and whisper all sorts of ill will and malice against them.
35. For linear narrative identities have become homogenized into our way of life in this modern society, if an act does not fit in our character, than we cannot perform it, for it is not in our script.(12)
36. Many are mere actors in their own concocted scripts, singular and monotonous, they get angry when circumstances or others challenge their singular linear narrative identity. Limiting the body to a singular linear narrative identity is the will of the white man, workers of logic, otherwise known as white man’s magicks.(13)
37. For the pale ones sought to deceive and to withold their true intentions in order to always have the upper hand, for thus it was taught unto them by the wicked traditions of their fathers.(14.)
38. For they were taught they would inherit the land from unworthy occupants, and that God would not punish them for their genocides against the native people.(15)
39. Yea, we speak with the voices of those abused in the past, those who were sought to be erased, those voices who created the sacred cliff drawings in San Rafael Swell, we say unto the white man:
40. Behold, the time of your coming to terms with judgment and unwitholding of truth will come swiftly and justly, and though try as thou mayest, thou may see the evil which thou hast sown.
41. The time of Theodore Roosevelt has come, “The Buck Stops Here!” The white man must come forth and say, we are the priveleged ones, the gainers in this system of evil, this lottery of babylon.(16)
42. For they must go far beyond that which Theodore himself did, for he was a killer of humans, despite the justices in which these causes were steeped.
43. For those who have suffered silently due to your ignorance will no longer be trampled upon, tread not upon me, sayest the snake in the grass.
44. For the downtrodden will become the treaders upon the faces of those which once looked down upon them with shame and disgust.
45. The day has come for the shouting of sins from rooftops, and wo, wo, wo be unto those who seek to hide themselves and their foul deeds, for they shall be exposed in the most heinous of ways.
46. For the future is known unto those who create it, for they seek to hide the things which do not fit within their own paradigms of prophesy.
47. The surest of ways to foresee the future is to ensure the creation of said future. For all that will be can be foreseen if we have the eyes to see and ears to hear.
48. There will come among you false prophets who claim to be true prophets, these are ensuredly false prophets.
49. For the prophet who claims to be false among you, is conversely the one who can claim the truth, yet even they are not true prophets.(17)

1. The eventual heat death of the universe.
2. This child is the manifesatation of St. Raphael, St. Michael, Osmodeus, and Lucifer.
3. Noble hedonism includes the love of learning new things, love of truth and light.

4. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 1 Cor. 13:12 KJV
5. This is what was held over our heads as children, responsibility of maintaining family over all
6. Ten year sentence was pronouned upon Anunemu Maiounemu who was told he could call 911 when he was 18.
7. Johnny Jesus is the one who remained with the abusive parents.
8. Both for gender and sexuality
9. Generally thought to be ages before nine years of age
10. Of the perpetrators almost all came from well educated families, one had a masters in child development.
11. The man in Roswell who made a space rape van
12. Singular minds may have difficulty understanding the fluidity of multiple minded “individuals.” 13. Whispered, or shouted, latin phrases of logicks are used in courtrooms to this day.
14. Born of scarcity and the need for survival, psychopathy is the path of winning at all costs.
15. Manifest Destiny and the imposed will of the white man.
16. A reference to Borges’ Lottery of Babylon
17. Ultimately the truth cannot be prophesied, only revealed.