Revelator, Michael Maughan Yuta Lee, Ordained Elder, Prophet of the House of Isobe and Adachi, Yuuta and Aspirer of the Yuta, Maikiikun of Tosh, Child of the Desert Stained Red in Sand and Blood, Seer of Radioactive Spiderbite, Psilocybernetic Psychonaut, Modern Manifestation of Saint Raphael, Fish Rider, Wielder of the Wooden Sword, Protector of the Spirit Children, Maintainer of Miracles, Child Savior of Possessed Progenitors, Survivor of Joseph and Jacob, the Omega of Cyclical Evil, the Bane of Falsehoods, the Banisher of Mirrored Turtles, prophesies of the Bisonhead, one of the earliest manifestations of the choice between multiple evils.

Buffalo head at the end of a dark hallway; Defiling and purifying combined into the same act; Disembodied Evil wandering spaces familiar yet reorganized; Familial faces seen in periphery melt like beeswax in the desert sun; White snow on red rock, brown blood on green sand; Ashamed like the roadrunner fleeing with wide red eyes from sagebush to sagebush; Blue-bellied lizard both headless and tailless, flails its legs.

1. In the night the darkness thickens1 within the dense black wool of the Buffalo, dry cracking horns protruding like uncut nails;
2. Only in the liquid smooth2 of the bison eyes was there a glint of light consolidating the dim outlines of the hallway into a pair of dark stars glittering at the end of the tunnel.
3. Beyond lay the two beasts3, anger and thundering voice on the left, sleeping silently hovering over its youngest;
4. On the right, kindness at a cost beyond comprehension, unrighteous dominion, comfort and evil folded together within the duvet.
5. Water purified my piss-stained skin, my sopping clothes left behind, was I carried down past the bison’s eyes to evil? Was the evil present from the time I carefully snuck to the right, avoiding awakening the thunder to my left? Defiling and purifying folded together within the towels4.
6. Look!5 And I beheld, my father’s mother, faceless, or rather, with face as beeswax left in the shining desert sun, glimmering with sweat, drooping flesh, semi-transparent folding in on itself, pores turned smooth, wax the consistency of thickening blood6;
7. Extending her long bony fingers, crowned with a claw, writhing its way upward, prying between soft children’s skin, into spaces forbidden by law, to check the internal heat of our childbodies.
8. White snow falling on red rock, my vision flying as fast as the Redtail7 dives over the vast desert, the dry, cracking skin of the Earth;
9. Brown thickened blood8 seeping slowly into green sand, spreading black shadows up the sides of cliffs, invoking powers of gods forgotten by people murdered by my kin.
10. Shame possess my frail frame, invigorating it momentarily, painfully, as if electrocuted, bodies bouncing on the wet grass;
11. The eyes of the roadrunner, red and wide with shame9, flitter between sagebush and sagebush, flickering like the final ember of a dying fire;
12. Onward, the shameful bird flees, faster than thoughts can flee a dissociative mind, faster than flies forming from fetid flesh.
13. Tail lost in flight, head lost in fight, the lizard now reduced to flailing legs and blue belly10, does its final arm standing flexes;
14. An echo of the final act of Shiz beheaded by Coriantumr11, lifting its body spurting blood at both ends, as its tail flails beside it, and its head gapes upward at it from the sand.

1. Differing ‘thicknesses’ of darkness similar to coagulating liquids, often compared to blood.
2. ‘Liquid smooth’ is often used to describe the darkest of darks, often where light is reflected, like within the eyeholes.
3. Beasts of the night, present only in sleep and shadow.
4. The folding of good and evil into one plane.
5. It is unclear who is commanding to look, most likely the mind itself, or a holy intervention.
6. Thickening blood is used here to describe the melting of wax, blood appears in other places in this prophecy as well.
7. The Redtail Hawk is often a symbol of a heavenly gaze or understanding.
8. Blood appears once more, confirming its importance in the Bisonhead prophecy.
9. Roadrunners’ eyes often blur red, giving them the appearance of having been crying.
10. The blue-bellied lizard is one of the primary prey of the roadrunner.
11. Shiz beheaded by Coriantumr in the last battles of the Book of Ether.

Bisonhead Prophesy Buffalo (Bison bison) skull, latex, mammoth hair, bison wool, latex, acrylic, horns, pokeballs, wig, bone arrowheads. 2020