Spirit of Bob. Video/Audio loop 3 min. 2021

Spirit Of Bob Vanquished By Bear

News of the Spirit of Bob vanquished by the bear in the wilderness outside of the promised land in the valley of death; those who seek to find pleasure in the desert will only find desperation and despair; wo wo be unto the Spirit of Bob and all spirits who align themselves with him; the bear will feast upon the entrails and innards of Bob as a ravenous hound starved before a fight; the cries of the Spirit of Bob will sound throughout the valley yet none shall have ears to hear or eyes to see his demise; for the time cometh when the sinner shall pay for their sins with their own life; those that seek to fill the void will only intensify and further densify it.

1. The Spirit of Bob like a fire is burning1, and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will see the suffering he doth bring unto all;
2. News reached the people of the sleepy city2, “The Spirit of Bob is vanquished by a great and powerful bear3!”
3. Those that sought to prolong the life of the miserable inferno4 did so at their own risk, they did not see what lay ahead, when moon is dark, and stars are dead5;
4. The great and powerful bear came forth from its hiding place deep in the wilderness; driven only by an eye6 single to the purpose of bringing swift death to the Spirit of Bob.
5. For the beast was let forth by the child prophet7, who did remember all that was done to all in the system of minds, and great and terrible was its wrath! 6. Wo! Wo! Wo!8 Be unto the Spirit of Bob and all spirits living and dead who align themselves with him, for they will be as carrion for the vultures in the sand; putrid with maggots and sour juices.

7. The bear, great and powerful, will feast upon the foul entrails and swollen innards of the Spirit of Bob, as a ravenous hound starved for a fortnight9 before a fight;
8. Then will the sounds of the cries of the Spirit of Bob sound throughout the valley of the sleeping city, yet none who are righteous will have ears to hear them, or eyes to see his demise, which will be swift and just.
9. The time has come when sinners shall pay for the sins they have committed against the innocent with their own life10, even as the bushido of old, the people of our people with honor to take life and end their own as well as to create life and sustain it;
10. Shame will possess the Spirit of Bob for he did not have honor nor will to take his own life, for he is a coward and a fool.
11. For those who worship the void11, and seek to fill it’s hole within them, will only intensify and further densify the wholeness of the hole, for it takes and it takes and it takes.
12. There is no end to insatiability, there is no end to molestation, there is no end to incest, there is no end to farce12. 13. There is no end to being13, there is no end to space14, there is no end to seeing, there is no end to grace.

1. The Spirit of Bob burns as a fire with no source of its own, but rather as a force that is parasitic, feeding on others as a source.
2. The Sleeping City, Sleepy City, or City of Sleepers is known to house many evils that lie beneath a proper and quiet facade of civility.
3. The great and powerful bear is known to be the North American Brown Bear, a species that often is known to inhabit the mountains of the Mountain West region.
4. Miserable Inferno is one of many names of the fire that has no source, the fire that consumes others, the Spirit of Bob.
5. Words of the wise prophet Smeagol, purveyor of truths beyond the lies of Gollum.
6. The eye mentioned here is most likely the same eye referred to by many as the third eye, or the eye between the ears, in Ainu folklore this is the space where the spirit of dead or dying animals appear and find themselves, this indicates that the bear may be dead already.
7. The child prophet, Anunemu Maiounemu.
8. Triple the wo is woeful indeed. There is rarely a need for the triple wo, for most earthly sins are only double woeful.
9. Dog abuse was perpetrated by the Spirit of Bob on a regular basis on the account that animals were lesser beings.
10. Suicide was seen as honorable by the bushido people of Japan.
11. People of the void, seekers of the paths of socio and psycho.
12.Farce, incest, molestation, and insatiability are considered among the gravest of sins.
13. Consciousness is material, existence is physical.
14. Space, including digital space, often thought of as immaterial, is material, physical, light entering our minds, the expansion of the universe and its eventual heat death, only countered by the suction and compression of infinite hole/whole black holes.